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Langue natale :  Bulgare
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Djanan et je vis en Bulgarie. Je cherche un partenaire linguistique pour étudier l'anglais, le japonais, le langue des signes (corée du sud), le turc et le langue des signes (international). Je serai heureux de vous aider à apprendre le bulgare en échange.
Langue natale :  Russe
Langues étudiées :  Langue des signes (Italie), Anglais
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Ekaterina et je vis à Samara en Russie. Je cherche un partenaire linguistique pour étudier le langue des signes (italie) et l'anglais. Je serai heureux de vous aider à apprendre le russe en échange.
Langues étudiées :  Coréen, Chinois (Taïwanais), Japonais
I am Elanna♥. My favorite color is blue. My Zodiac sign Is Libra ♎. I right now am studying a couple of Languages some of the Languages I should already know Like Spanish since I'm half Puerto Rican, Half African American and Half Spanish. I am a Multiracial American. I study Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Korean. I am barely landing on Chinese, Spanish and Korean. I do work hard to learn the Languages everyday. I am studying for multiple reason of of Many is to be able to become a exchange student in various Countries and States in and out of the U.S My hobbies are to Study Languages, Learn. Watching Anime in English and Japanese if I can. I am on discord If you want to know me. I have Line too but It's hard to work for me. Sorry If I talk a lot but I'm learning still have doubts. Sorry If I talk alot. しゃべりすぎてたらごめんなさい。 shaberi sugi te tara gomen nasai.
Langue natale :  Russe
Hey! My name is Maria, I am from Russia. I have been studying English for many years now and I am looking for a person with whom I can practice the language. We can chat or call several times a week. If you want to learn more about Russia or practice English together - feel free to write! Also with great pleasure I will help with Russian language! Especially if you want to improve your speaking skills :) I'm not a teacher!!! But someone you can practice with))) At the moment I am learning Korean - but I am a beginner. I will be glad for any help! 안녕하세요, 제 이름은 마리아입니다. 나는 러시아이고 한국어를 배우고 싶습니다.감사합니다. Привет всем!) Меня зовут Мария или просто Маша. Буду рада помочь с русским языком, поэтому смело обращайтесь. Буду признательна любой помощи с английским, корейским!
Langue natale :  Langue des signes (Espagne)
Langues étudiées :  Français, Russe, Anglais
Hello everyone :) My name is Marco Antonio and I would like to learn Russian. In exchange we could practice Spanish, French or English. Have a great day guys! :)
Langue natale :  Vietnamien
I'm a student of high school. My mother tongue is Vietnamese. I love language, so I really want to learn it. But I have many difficulties in all of my skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I hope I could receive bits of help from you. Thank you so much
Langue natale :  Arabe
Hey whoever who's reading this o(*^▽^*)┛ I just want to practice English and Korean language. thank you for reading my description !!
Langue natale :  Anglais
Hi, I'm a university study finishing a degree in genetics and anthropology. I'm trying to learn Japanese to surprise my father and extended family (who are Japanese). I would love to get into a schedule and commit to speak, read and write Japanese!
Langue natale :  Turc
Langues étudiées :  Anglais, Langue des signes (Italie)
I am Hümeyra.I am from Turkey. I gratuated political science last year. Now, I go to the English course but because of the pandemy my course is closed so I went a practise and I am here. I like a futboll and table tennis. I like listen to music and sometimes I wanna be a singer.
Langue natale :  Arabe, Anglais
Langues étudiées :  Langue des signes (Turquie)
Hi am Sara, I speak Arabic and English fluently and I want to learn the Turkish language. I will be glad if you can help me learn Turkish and I will do my best if you want to learn Arabic or English
Langue natale :  Coréen, Russe
Bonjour, Je m'appelle 김다혜. J'ai 24 ans et je vis à Séoul au Corée du Sud. Je cherche un partenaire linguistique pour étudier le langue des signes (allemagne) et le langue des signes (russie). Je serai heureux de vous aider à apprendre le coréen et le russe en échange.
Langues étudiées :  Arabe, Anglais, Italien
Looking for a partner to have a exchange language via skype.My English level is Intermediate
Langue natale :  Langue des signes (Japon)
Langues étudiées :  Anglais
Hi.I’m Sho. I’m from Japan. I’ve been living in Vancouver for a year and half. I’m looking for a person who have a interest in language exchange with me.I started to learn English with the aim of opening my own restaurant in Canada.Also I promised my close Filipino friends that I’m going to visit Cebu again and talk about lots of things with them. I have plenty of motivation to speak English with you.In addition to this, I’ll definitely make an effort to teach Japanese to you.Let’s improve our second language together.Thank you.
I'm shady shehat aziz from Egypt speak arabic well. And I am here to improve my English language by practice and I am ready if someone want to speak arabic . And about my hobbies , l love to play football. So I'm here to exchange the language.
Langue natale :  Allemand, Estonien
Hello, my name is Laura, I am 15 years old and I live in Germany. I like to play violin, travelling, cooking, reading and painting. I am very interested in languages, I can also talk a bit in russian and am learining spanish since 6 month. I also speak fluently estonian language. I would like to improve my english, spanish and russian skills. I also want to learn french. I could help you to learn german. I am looking forward to finding an english, spanish, russian or french speaking girl. Auch würde ich gerne die deutsche Gebärdensprache lernen.
Langue natale :  Langue des signes (Turquie)
Langues étudiées :  Français, Anglais
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Cangir. J'ai 23 ans et je vis en Turquie. Je cherche un partenaire linguistique pour étudier le français et l'anglais. Je serai heureux de vous aider à apprendre le langue des signes (turquie) en échange.
Langues étudiées :  Coréen
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Rawan. J'ai 18 ans et je vis au Corée du Sud. Je cherche un partenaire linguistique pour étudier le coréen. Je serai heureux de vous aider à apprendre l'arabe, l'anglais et le langue des signes (japon) en échange.
Hi I'm Vellie and I'm currently studying history in college, but ever since I was in junior high I've been wanting to learn different languages and other cultures, of various countries out there. Currently I'm trying to study Japanese but I'm just not getting there. I hope to be able to learn different languages here and hope to share my native language as well. Let's have fun talking!!!
Langues étudiées :  Turc, Espagnol, Russe, Allemand, Italien
My Name Is Charles i love to learn languages and love to make friends and love to travel around the world i do job and my hobbies are learning and teaching and make conversational talks and traveling and make new friends and body building and i am looking for romance free free to contact