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Prénom Jan
Ville Stuttgart
Pays natal DE Allemagne
Pays actuel DE Allemagne
Age 24
Sexe Homme
Langue natale DE Allemand
EN Anglais
HR Croate
Langues étudiées NL Néerlandais
ES Espagnol
FR Français


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Hallo Du!

I have met here over +100 nice people and I'm absolutely thankful that I have learnt thousand of new things so far:))

Feel free to contact me:)

let me introduce myself. I am Jan, 24 years old and I love learning new things. I make music, I'm a DJ in the making and I make digital art as well. I love languages and different cultures:)
I am a person you can talk to whatever you want because I'm very open for new stuff.
Also I love reading books or watching movies. Many books I wanna read arent translated in english yet, so I need somebody who could help me learn their language.

my grades in german were great back in school. I am able to help and practice german with you. I can teach you culture, food and behaviours aswell.

If you're interested, I would be very happy when you let me know.

Hola Amigos, me llamo Jan. tengo 24 años y amo la cultura española y latin :)
estoy aprendido espanol, mi level es como A2
Soy aleman y quiero master esta idioma
Tienes tiempo para mi?!:)

Schönen Tag noch.

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Prénom Jan
Ville Stuttgart
Pays actuel DE Allemagne
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