Echange avec Fumontanaka94


Prénom Ninis
Ville Paris
Pays natal TN Tunisie
Pays actuel FR France
Age 27
Sexe Homme
Langue natale FR Français
Langues étudiées AR Arabe
ES Espagnol
JA Japonais
LN Lingala
ZH Chinois (Mandarin)
EN Anglais



I became enamoured with the art of human expression, with the phonetic dressing of words, which consequently made me sensitive to their sound. I'm ready for diligent study and strenuous training, and I'm very patient and receptive to my interlocutor. I can speak in English and French.
Ultimately, my goal is to learn about myself.

.إذا لم أكن ناجحا ،أنا ارجع تاني .☯️السعادة لن تكون حقيقيّة ما لم تشارك بها الآخرين

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