Echange avec Edwintfy


Prénom Edwin
Ville Hong Kong
Pays natal HK Hong Kong
Pays actuel HK Hong Kong
Age 24
Sexe Homme
Langue natale EN Anglais
ZC Chinois (Cantonais)
ZH Chinois (Mandarin)
Langues étudiées DE Allemand
FR Français
RU Russe



My name is Edwin and I am a student at the University of Hong Kong. I grew up in Hong Kong, have lived briefly in Moscow and Basel, and am now in my hometown. I am looking for a German-speaking tandem partner (via Skype is also okay). If you are learning Cantonese or Mandarin, I am glad to help you with that. I am also fluent in English if you would like to practice it. I am currently taking German classes at the university and my level is roughly B1 and I can have some basic conversations. Feel free to write me if you are interested.

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