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Langue natale :  Anglais, Français, Néerlandais
Langues étudiées :  Anglais, Français, Néerlandais
I'm a language teacher working independently. I teach mainly English, but also French. My goal is to learn Italian.
Langue natale :  Allemand, Français, Italien
Langues étudiées :  Chinois (Taïwanais), Japonais
Hallo, everybody, I am very glad to meet you via this website. You can please help me improve foreign languages and know more about your country. I will introduce you to European languages, civilisations, history, music, fashion and food. I attended international schools and universities. I am very fond of Korean pop and Japanese pop music and of Chinese pop music. I love (ALL) the food of these fascinating( albeit very different) countries. I am impressed by their history and traditions and family-values. Moreover, I go and watch all new Korean and Japanese movies in the film-festivals in Europe and I like their movie-directors a lot. My favourite drink in summer is: FROZEN RED BEANS and Patbinsu ! My favourire drink in a cold day in winter is : a big bowl of Ramen Soup Would you please tell me a bit more about you and your country and your city . See you
Langue natale :  Français
Langues étudiées :  Norvégien
Hi ! I'm Clarisse, I'm 23, I'm from France but I'm studying in Bruxelles to become a camerawoman. I love sport (handball, ski, ice skating, roller skating and I used to do athletics, 100m, triple jump). I love music, i started play piano this year and i play ukulele. I used to be a drummer. And i love animals ! I have a eight-month-old cat named Rosie and i work as a volunteer at the SPA (French Society for the protections of animals) I want to learn to speak norwegian because I plan to do an Erasmus internship in Oslo in October.
Langue natale :  Anglais, Croate, Néerlandais
Langues étudiées :  Espagnol
Llevo 3 años estudiando español. Hablo craota/serbio, neerlandés y inglés. Un saludo Minela
Langue natale :  Japonais
Langues étudiées :  Italien, Français
Hi there, I really need to learn both French and Italian so looking for someone to teach me these languages!!Instead I am glad to teach you Japanese.I am looking forward hearing from you soon,thanks.
Langue natale :  Anglais, Espagnol
Langues étudiées :  Néerlandais
Hi there, I am Spanish living in Antwerp. Currently taking some Dutch lessons, and I think that I am making quite a lot of progress in my learning the language. However, I don't think I speak enough Dutch and I would appreciate to find someone to do some language exchange. I'd like to speak in Dutch and I'll gladly help you improve your Spanish in any aspect you like. Normally, I'd prefer meeting face to face with a coffee but, under the current circumstances, perhaps we can begin with online conversations. I am flexible. Feel free to text me, looking forward.
Langue natale :  Néerlandais
Langues étudiées :  Espagnol
Hi all, I'm Gerlinde. I just started to learn Spanish and I would love to find someone with who I can practice it in real conversations. But I'm only a beginner. At the moment I can introduce myself in Spanish and ask for directions :) I can help you with Dutch in exchange. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon.
Langue natale :  Français
Hi everybody, I'm Mathilde and I'm belgian. I would like to learn English, Spanish and Dutch because I want to improve my level. I like speaking with different people which have different culture. I also want to learn sign language of the UK, I have always wanted to learn it :D I would be happy to help somebody in French. I like talking about everything, I have many hobbies like reading, doing sport and drawing. I would be very happy to speak to improve myself and to share about any subject. ;)
Langue natale :  Néerlandais
Langues étudiées :  Slovaque
Hi, my name is Karen. I really want to learn how to speak Slovak 😁 In my free time I like to puzzle, wacht movies, read or inline skare or ice skating.
Langue natale :  Anglais
Langues étudiées :  Français, Allemand
Hi. Anybody who wants to practice French here.