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Langue natale :  Anglais
Langues étudiées :  Allemand
Hi :) I’m looking for someone to practice German with. I lived in Germany for a year and have a pretty good understanding of the language. However, I still have a lot of trouble speaking. I would hate to lose everything I learned.
Langue natale :  Anglais
Langues étudiées :  Russe
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Freddie et je vis à Boulder aux États-Unis. Je cherche un partenaire linguistique pour étudier le russe. Je serai heureux de vous aider à apprendre l'anglais en échange.
Langue natale :  Anglais, Espagnol
My name is Nana :) I'm currently a college student majoring in Computer Science. I will be studying in South Korea within the next year so I'm wanting to prepare. I speak a little of Japanese and am currently learning both Chinese (Taiwanese) and Korean but would be amazing if I could make friends beforehand. I've always been interested in other cultures and languages since I've lived in the USA all my life. I do want to make friends from all over the world as well. I speak both Spanish and English fluently so if you need help just let me know!
Langue natale :  Arabe
Langues étudiées :  Anglais
Hello, I'm from Suadi Arabia. I would like to learn English and make new friends! And then I could help you with Arabic! Why I started learning English, because I like traveling, learning about different cultures! We can share our cultures. It would be fun! :)