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Langue natale :  Roumain
Langues étudiées :  Russe
Bonjour, Je m'appelle Ionut. J'ai 28 ans et je vis à Sibiu en Roumanie. Je cherche un partenaire linguistique pour étudier le russe. Je serai heureux de vous aider à apprendre le roumain en échange.
Langue natale :  Anglais, Roumain
Langues étudiées :  Allemand
Hello! I'll make this short: I'm a talkative guy, I like to laugh and make other people laugh too, I also like to travel, though I don't get so much the chance nowadays, and learn new stuff everyday. I teach English to highschoolers, so if you're also good at it, we can learn each other's language faster. My interests are: - movies/TV series - music (I listen to all kinds of music, sometimes in languages I don't understand such as Russian, that's how I discovered the band Leningrad and some cool songs) - reading (mostly American and Russian literature, but also French and some German and British too) - history - arts and artists But, generally, I can discuss about virtually anything.
Langue natale :  Roumain
Langues étudiées :  Anglais
Hello,I'm Marius,I'm here to improve my English language and why not make friends!My native language is Romanian language and English will be my future language,I hope,I'm sure! My hobbies are books reading,music,tennis,trips..